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"All created things must pass; strive on, diligently" - The Buddha

Once or twice a year I go shopping at local bead shows.  This Spring I went the the "Bead Faire" at the convention center in Portland, Oregon.  An extra bonus - my daughter Nathalie (a fantastic artist in her own right!) lives in Portland so, beside going to the bead show, I got to hang out with one of my favorite people!

Pictured here with me is Haji Tunkara.  He is from The Gambia and has been working as an importer of beads for several years.  He has relations in Africa who purchase beads and other exciting things and Haji acts as their wholesaler.  I have found real "treasure" here.  It is so much fun to see, and get to buy, things that I have seen only in books - beads made from recycled bottles, ostrich egg heishi, snake vertebrae (I kid you not!), and really, really old Kiffa beads from Mauritania!  The old, vintage Kiffa beads are rather expensive but I found two of them in Haji's "orphan" beads basket.  I'll post a photo of them soon.

Unfortunately, Haji, who is based in San Francisco, does not have an online shop.  I DO recommend that you look out for "Gem Faire" and "Bead Faire" shows in your area (up and down the West coast only) and stop by to visit with him.  You will find "treasure" and a very nice fellow who is a well of information!

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