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"All created things must pass; strive on, diligently" - The Buddha

This pin is based on a Celtic "grotesque" from the Middle Ages.  I made the basic shape, from polymer clay, and cured it at the usual temperature but for only 10 minutes.  Then I carved out the areas that are white and green and black in the photo.  I filled in the carved out areas with black clay.  The piece was cured for about 10 minutes again, then the white and green areas were carved out of the black.  I filled in the white and green areas and cured the piece again.  Then I sanded the piece using finer grits of sandpaper each time.  Then I polished it on the buffing wheel.  That's when it really looked good!  Sometimes polymer clay projects don't look like you want them to until the very last polish - so complete all of the steps before you give up!  I glued on a pin-back, adding my special touch - steel tacks pushed through the holes on the pin-back and into the clay.

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